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Breast to bottle!

Feb 11, 2012 - 1 comments

SO today we went home all dooing really well.. I was breast feeding well and Lilly-May was taking it as quick as i could give it, A few hours after being home my nipples stared to get sore, Then during the night they were so sore i was in tears. It was terrrible, i couldn't feed my own baby, i felt like such a faliure and couldn't do anything other then cry. Luckily we had brought a premade formular for a 'just in case moment' so after ringing the midwife at 5am in tears she ensured me Lilly-May will be ok if i went straight to formular and said she would send out a midwife in the day to come and have a chat.
So around 2pm Lilly-May had only had one full bottle (3oz) and sleeped the entire day!. I felt terrible, thinking maybe she was poorly or it was something i had done.
The midwife cheacked her over and said she was fine, checked my notes that said over and over how well i was doing at feeding and Lilly-May was latching on well ect. It turns out her bottom lips naturaly curls inwards causing her to only half latch, As im large breasted i couldn't see her bottom lip and as all the signs where there pointing to the fact she was fine everyone missed it. So the long and the sort of it all is, I feel a whole lot better knowing it wasn't anything i was doing,
I've formular fed her since then giving my boobs the much needed rest and as of tomorrow im going to try and express, so although it will still be in a bottle it will be my milk. I will miss actually breast feeding though as even though it was only for a day and a half, she was feeding almost every hour and i just loved the feeling and watching her. Never mind. Hopfully knowing shes having my milk and not some powder will give me the same feeling. I will update when i know how its going.

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by JoJo629, Feb 13, 2012
I know how you feel, my babygirl is slowly switching to formula too, my milk supply is decreasing :( I'm devastated. My boys were formula fed and they are perfectly healthy, so that makes me feel better.

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