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TOday I took Laura Dawn to DSHS so she could apply for food. She dressed way too nice. In a large kidsids shirt, a fancy belt. I didn;t even notice her shirt, but i am sure all the Mexicans did. My anxiety is very high at DSHS because of all the Mexicans. Be they legal or illegal. I feel naked. I sit with my back to the wall so no one will satand behind me. We waited 5 hours!! Laura gettng angrier and angrier. Picking on people who use to go to the peer center, picking on their smell. Then she went tout to smoke. I pinched myself twice to make sure I was not in a dream. It was awful. I finally saw the woman who checked me in for the first time in April of 2009. She rememebered me! She said I had been aproved for MEDICAL.

How Ya Doin??
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