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feel alot better after Mirena IUD remaoval

Oct 16, 2008 - 1 comments

mirena iud

I had recently had my Mirena IUD remved on October 4th 2008 I had it for about a month, I had it removed because I did not like the bleeding for so long I phoned and asked if it was normal to bleed for so long; they said if I bleed longer than 4 month than we should have something to worry about. I hated the back aches and stomach aches I had really bad migraines and really moody so I had it removed, also my husband and myself are trying to concieve baby #3. So I was wondering if anyone has concieve after having a Mirena IUD removed? And how long after did you concieve? If anyone can respond to my question it would be very apperchiated thank - you very much ......

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by sdKMme, Mar 29, 2009
I too had a lot of problems with Mirena and had it removed after 8 months. I had it remove on Jan 20th and my LMP from the 21st to 25th.  I have not had a period since. My hubby and I aren't trying to concieve but we're not preventing it at all either. I have taken several pregnancy tests and all have come back negative. I've never had a problem concieving in the past but I'm beginning to wonder if the Mirena didn't mess me up somehow. Have you heard of anyone having these problems? Good luck to you.

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