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Supplements That Will Help Acne-Prone Skin

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Keep in mind that these supplements will not get your skin clear. You need the right homecare products used in the right way to achieve that. But here are some supplements that can support your skin.

Recommended Supplements:

Zinc Monomethionine: People with acne have been shown to have lower than normal levels of zinc in their systems. Zinc helps with the immune response and exhibits anti-inflammatory activity. Do be careful not to exceed total 100mg with all zinc sources. Rec Brand: Source Naturals 30-50 mg *

Probiotics: These supplements are high recommended for people who have long term antibiotic use in the past. Probiotics help to repopulate the gut with "friendly" bacteria thereby encouraging better digestion, improved immunity and optimum nutrition absorption. Rec Brand: Flora Smart or Ultimate Flora by Renew Life. Dr Ohirra' which is available at and Whole Foods. Take as directed.

High Quality Fish oils and High Quality Flax oil: These oils are absolutely essential for hormone regulation and thus directly affect sebum regulation. They are also incredibly important for almost every other regulation system in your body. Rec Brand: Artic Pure Source Naturals* (we carry this one), Renew Life's Fishsmart ultra or Nordic Naturals' Cod Liver Oil and Barleans's flax oil (liquid). Take as directed and please note that these oils may not be warmed or cooked with. One caution: avoid flax oil supplements labeled as "high lignin" as this type is not compatible with anti-acne regimens.

Barley Powder: Barley has been shown to have many trace minerals that the body needs to build a healthy immune system has many enzymes that help "alkalize" the body. This alkalization directly impacts inflammation that is always associated with acneic skins. Rec Brand: Just Barley, 2 tablespoons in water or unpasteurized orange juice.

MSM also known as methylsulfonylmethane: This mineral has a high bioavailable sulfur content that the body uses to build collagen and cartilage. Excellent to heal scars, detoxify tissues and wonderful as an anti-inflammatory compound. Rec Brand: Rich's MSM torpedo caplets.1000mg. Take as directed.

A good Multi vitamin is always recommended for obvious reasons. Consider getting an iodine free brand as iodine can exacerbate acne conditions. Rec Brand: Dermavites and GNC ultra women's mega multi without iron and iodine.

Pea Protein Isolate or Hemp protein: For those of you who work out religiously or want to bulk up, please consider switching to the above powders instead of your typical Soy or Whey based formulas. These are more easily assimilated by the body and do not aggravate acne. Recommended brands: Olympian Labs Pea Protein Powder and Ultimate Greens with Hemp, Rice and Pea protein available on, Whole Foods and Berkeley Bowl.

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