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High blood pressure

Feb 15, 2012 - 0 comments

high blood pressure







My bp has been running high for some time now and cant seem to get it under control even taking bp meds. Went to doctor 2/3/2012. She changed one of my meds and added another one. It seems my bp has gotten worse.

Placed a call to the doctor Monday and they increased one of my meds (lisinopril) from 40mg per day to 80 mg. Increased another one (indapamide 2.5mg) from 1/2 pill per day to 1 pill per day. Prior to going to bed my bp will have dropped from about 180 to 160.

The new bp med I am not taking is metoprolol succinate 50 mg. I was taking  verapamil er 180mg.

These are the other meds i take daily

40mg simvastatin tab
150 mg venlafazine
two 81 mg aspirin at night
three 1000mg omega 3
one 1000mg garlic

Have head ache about all day long. Taking  from 2 to 3 200mg ibuprofen

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