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yeeaaaa..... :/

Feb 15, 2012 - 0 comments







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if they dont turn that damn misquito thing off, i am going to strangle someone. it pisses me off. its not cook, cute, or funny. mr cotto wont do a damn thing about it. so suck of the school system. the clubs are a joke as well. in FFA you dont get to do anything but there dirty work(fund raiers and crap) unless you are in there little hick circle. in 4h we havent done 1/2 the things that we could do. n any of the clubs we hardly meet. the spanish club is all talk too. we have done anything at all execpt attempt to salsa. its supose to be run by the AP students too. 1/2 the time no one knows when club day is until that day. the only club that has actually done anything, is STLP.

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