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28 Week Scan

Feb 15, 2012 - 0 comments

28 weeks












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Well, a busy day!

Had an appt with Midwife - BP is low again, she's happy with me and baby.  She had a feel and said baby was head down, which I thought was a little early, but she was wrong!....

Then, a quick dash to hospital for my 28 week scan - Baby is measuring a little larger than average, which they are very pleased with :)

The scan showed he's not head down, but breech!  Head up on my left side, little bum down at the bottom, and arms are legs up to my right side.

Urine sample showed no protein, which is good!

Had bloods taken to check FBC and Iron, so I'm just waiting for those results.

Only prob I really have is I have two frozen shoulders, am in AGONY!  Just what I need in time for baby arriving, AND moving home!!!

All in all, very happy - Baby growing well, heartbeat strong, they're very happy with us both, and that suits me just fine!

Our little Angel :o)
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