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Feb 15, 2012 - 2 comments

Could I survive another stay in the psych ward?  Not likely!!!  This is the weekend that the truth comes out of!  My heart is broken by my mother and daughter, how is that possible?  I must be the worst person around!  
Please don't send me an email with a bunch of numbers to call, I have no phone anyhow!

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by hummingbirdT, Feb 15, 2012
Do you have a good doctor you trust? You aren't a bad person. You have a physical disease in your brain and you didn't ask to have it. It's just there. The best that can be done is to stabilize the situation of these neurons mis-firing. It may take working with many different combinations of medications, but you will find something that works for you. There are lots of things out there that will help bring you out of your present mood and avoid the psych ward.

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by specialmom, Feb 18, 2012
Sweetie, I'm begining to wonder if you are going to survive another weekend WITHOUT a hospital stay.  I say that in all sincerity.  You resist help and that is common with addiction and mental health issues.  You are 'deep' into it.  You need to succumb and realize that you need to allow people to help you.  The psych ward may be uncomfortable.  Overcoming your issues and addictions may be overwhelming.  You can handle uncomfortable and overwhelming.  You are pretty much that way anyway.  If they are successful----  your life could get better.  Not as in a miracle happens and all of your challenges just disappear.  But you will be tackling them through clear eyes and without a cloud hanging over your head.  Your mother and daughter's hearts are surely broken by watching what you are doing to yourself.  

Please go to the hospital.  Please try to make that work.  Please be well.  WE care about you here.  We want you to have peace.  

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