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Pip and Anita, good prospects...

Feb 18, 2012 - 2 comments














As I may have mentioned, my wife has been healing from Service Related disabilities for quite some times, particularly PTSD from her experiences during the 1st Gulf War (and from sexual harassment by fellow officers, I believe).

The Circle of Change program, which pairs wounded Veterans and rescued Dogs; it helps the Vets see a way they can trust and be whole again and the dogs are re-socialized so they can go to homes again...this has been the key to Anita's healing.

She is looking for work again after a 14 year lay off.  The prospects look pretty good that by summer we will be living much closer to our families in New England.

Her healing has enabled me to talk about and deal with the aftermath of a fatal incident in which I was involved over 27 years ago while I was in the USAF Reserve.  I was able to finally tell her about it just after Thanksgiving.

Trying to be strong for her all these years, I kept things bottled up: have been through depression, anxiety attacks, and the stress possibly helped trigger my heart problem.

The healing has started for me, too.

Miss Teia Honey has been my therapy animal, from where she was when we first took her in to where she is now (came 1/3 of the way down the hall this morning, but scooted back to her bowl by her room before I could get a snapshot) has helped me through some pretty rough patches.

...and, the friendliness with which I have been received here at MedHelp, that, too, has been of great aid to me.  Thanks you all.

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535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Feb 18, 2012
Thats such good news about Anita a job is so therapeutic and a move to be near family is a good thing.Animals are no doubt in my mind a help as you say with therapy PSTD is pretty rough, I had some  about 4 years ago,at that time I also found med help, mine fortunatly didnt last more than a year ,it's hard when folks like Anita suffer for years.,thtas a super photo of you both when you were a little younger .Best of Luck in Anita's job hunting ...marg

874521 tn?1424120397
by opus88, Feb 19, 2012
Pip and Anita....thankyou for sharing and trusting us with part of your stories. Most of us on here can only imagine what you have both been through and now live with daily.
Without going in to details, I can relate to some of the trauma and lasting legacy of depression with all its terrible consequences.
I'm so happy to hear you were finally able to open up and now find that healing you so desperately need...a new home and new beginnings sound like a wonderful 'prospect'
God bless animals and God bless you both♥

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