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JETHRO #2 -I love you

Feb 14, 2012 - 0 comments





i love you



When I was greeted at the door with a lick instead of an excited bark, I knew we had a friendship. As I was reading his dad's note, Jethro vanished!! I found him on his dlaad's bed with his hands over his eyes. Paying hide and seek or not wanting to walk. When I got closer and said his name softly, he reached out his long legs as if an invitation to sit. I sat down and asked if he liked me. This 12 year old dog , yawned and covered his eyes again. I was honored. With my excited voice I coaxed him off the bed, Hooked him up to a leash and out the door we went. "Let's love ourselves, each other and Nature today Jethro" It was Valentines day. So we hiked in the dripping forest to the lake and turned around, I said we would go further next time so we took trail 109 down to the short cut road, then cut through military alley. Beautiful day for self love.

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