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Another ole day/Confused

Feb 20, 2012 - 3 comments

Really want to try again on baby conceiving but i don't ovulate on my own and I know I may need clomid again.I been doing research on clomid more and more and its making me scared to try again. I got pregnant my first round before with no cyst r nothing bad to happen but I did have pain around ovulation time but I was told it was normal and I did miscarry at eight weeks for no known reason....ANYONE can help,please comment PLEASE....What to do? Will clomid affect me dis time around?

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by Swtshae, Feb 20, 2012
Hi! I'm not sure of your history or how long you've been trying to conceive, but from just what you wrote I would think that you should try Clomid again. Especially if you got pregnant the first time using it. Maybe this time around you can carry the baby full term. Also, being that I don't know your history and if Clomid is something that you may not want to try, maybe you should go and speak with your OB and see what other options you may have to get pregnant. I'm sure there is something that will work for you! Good luck and please keep me posted!!!! I know how stressful this entire getting pregnant could be. It's been exactly one year that I've been off the pill and me and my husband haven't conceived. Now I need to begin the steps to see what the issues are if there are even issues. I know there has been couples that have been extremely healthy and just took longer to get pregnant. I'm hoping that's the case for us! Good luck again!!!

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Feb 20, 2012
Hello,I been trying for four years.your comment was very useful.THANK YOU. And I'm passing lots of baby dust to you!!!

1118302 tn?1422498761
by yoha919, Feb 20, 2012
clomid should not be a reson why a woman would misscarry i also took clomid but wasnt as lucky as you getting pregnant but i always noticed i had severe o pains when on clomid but it was a normal thing to feel also not all women feel middle pain(o-pains) when they are ovulating but with a woman that needs help to ovulate and doesnt ovulate on their own it will seem more obvious when they do because they never felt this before esp with clomid i think you respond very well to clomid id say give it a try just make sure you take the safe move and be cleared by a obgyn to ttc again all you have to do is talk to your obgyn and make a plan to monitor you by ultrasounds while on clomid and after to check for cyst good luck hun try not to be so paranoid serch engines can be a good friend but a bad one too! SSBD!

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