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simple orthodontics. not so simple

Feb 22, 2012 - 0 comments

well ive no been well since monday... panic attack on monday, and one last night... and today...
I went to orthodontics for routine work. Not even panicked just felt ill.
Sat down started getting too warm, breathing goes through the roof. trying to control it. not working. ortho gets worried tries to help. still doesnt work. she gets the other half to sit beside me and hold my hand. i crush her hand a little.
attack gets worse and worse. the woman is moving my head around and i havent any energy to fight back or help. lost energy to even hold my partners hand.
Ortho over rules me, says im going to a and e (i was at the maxilofacial surgery bit of the hospital so wasnt far)
4 waves later they let me go home (to go to gp tomorrow). my temperature is up and my blood pressure a bit down (i didnt say id have co-codamol, probably a mistake means i was having a fever without it) =/ not too good i know it wasnt smart but i couldnt exactly think at the time..

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