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i am so upset

Oct 17, 2008 - 4 comments

The guy dosent want the app
that is sooo depressin
now what
nothin ever seems to go the right
i am ready to give up
everything is worng

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by gwmclean, Oct 17, 2008
Stay strong....Things will change.  We are all here for you.

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by redneckgurl, Oct 17, 2008
i am tryin to stay strong but is hard
thank you

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by snoozies43, Oct 17, 2008
It is ok to be upset ... Know that not in our timing, but in God's time IT will be rented. Alot of times..when my husband's work is not coming in for the last minute..Bam! There is something that comes through. This is why i say stay in the moment :) Don't look at tomorrow as if it will be..look at it as I don't know and, give the concern to God. Because HE knows. There will probably be someone who is just i the position you are.....they need this as much as you do.

:) Now look ..i have a cinnimon bread to make lol I will be by later if needed, anddd what do you do when you are down and stressed? put that bay in it's crawler..and take a nice bath. Time to pamper youuuuu!

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by redneckgurl, Oct 17, 2008
thank  you

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