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severe anxiety day

Feb 22, 2012 - 1 comments



severe anxiety






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My anxiety has been severe today. At times feeling like my hearts going too fast and my heads spinning. Still awake late at night .. too much anxiety to sleep

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by colesy855, Feb 24, 2012
have you had your blood pressure checked,go to your doctor and ask for an ecg.if all else fail request to see a consultant to do a doplar scan on yor heart. i found out i had a small heart murmur which isnt dangerous but can be uncomfortable at is also worth seeing a chiropractioner as the attacks can be onset by nerves in the back which can affect the whole body.keep pushing the doc for every test available as there could be an underlying cause.if it is anxiety buy some calms from the chemist or nytol for a good nights sleep ebay also sale these cheaper.take up a hobby that you sit down to do i found doing drawings a great help and also painting pics it doesnt matter if you cant draw or paint just doodle on paper before bed time will help you relax.dont sit to long watching tv and using the pc before bedtime as your mind becomes overactive.choclate is also good as it contains seretonem same as anti depressents.good luck

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