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Combo feeding. ADVICE PLEASE!?

Feb 24, 2012 - 0 comments










Ok so Lilly-May's bottom lip naturally curls inwards making latching difficult. Although its not every time so can feed but makes me sore. The Health visitor said i could combo feed using formula and topping up with the boob but not every feed, that way she will get my milk and as its not every feed wont make me sore. so this is what im doing. I've been expressing but hate it as it takes so long and can never find the time so basically she manily getting formula, i express about 3 times a day and put her on the boob a couple of times,
Im now worried now ive finally got comfitable with how im feeding because im not doing it every 4 hours like i was told my milk will dry up!?

Advice please???

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