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Need advice---Worried about Morgan

Feb 25, 2012 - 8 comments

This just started probably Sunday or Monday this week but Morgan's temperment has changed quite suddenly and I am concerned something is wrong but have no idea what it could be.  She has all of a sudden become inconsolable (sp?) whether it be while in the middle of playing, someone holding her (including me or daddy), or whatever.  Nothing seems to stem her crying and screaming (sometimes very shrill screaming), she just starts a fit!  Now sometimes I could maybe attribute it to being tired because I can note that she's been awake for a couple hours or so (she usually sleeps after being awake for around two or three hours).  However, it is getting to the point where it is not that likely she is sleepy that often.

Also, when I try to get her to nap during the day, she is quite difficult to put down because of the fits she is throwing.  I often have to bundle her in a blanket, rock and bounce her in my arms, "shhh" her a little, hold her pacifier in her mouth, and hold her tightly against me because her arms and legs are thrashing too much for her to calm down.  This usually only lasts a minute or two before she starts to calm and falls asleep.

I also, of course, try feeding her when she starts these fits but that is never what she wants whether I try a bottle of breastmilk or from the breast itself.  She just screams as the nipple is near/in her mouth and never takes hold of it.

Possibly related to this, she did not gain weight from Feb. 14th - Feb. 21st (I go to a breastfeeding class to weigh her each week).  This is quite unusual for her because she has been gaining between 4 and 8 ounces each week which is what my doctor recommends for babies her age (0-3 months).  She is at about the 75th percentile for weight so I'm not concerned she's not healthy, just that she didn't gain anything.

I try to think of what my diet might entail that is upsetting her too as she tends to have quite loud and full bowel movements (going on for probably 5 or 6 weeks now).  I eliminated coffee for about 4 days thinking maybe it was having a laxative affect on her but it did not help.  I have not introduced any new foods into my diet this past week (or really since I had her) and I don't eat spicy foods nor does she get any formula.

I thought it might be teething since she's been drooling since 9 weeks old (she's almost 11 weeks) and sucking on her hand/thumb more often but not mouthing toys yet.  I tried giving her 1.25 mL of Tylenol one night (her dosage is 1.7mL) to see if that was why she was fussing but still an hour or two later, she had another episode.

I feel like there is just nothing to pinpoint her frustrations but as her mommy and primary caregiver, I feel like something isn't right.  Babies nearing 12 weeks are supposed to be easing on colic symptoms, not getting worse, and I would never say she had colic in the first place.  Today I started tracking her naps, BMs, and eating habits again so I can call the doctor's office on Monday but I just don't know what they will say as she doesn't have fevers or vomiting or really much gas at all.  

Any advice or ideas on why she might be getting so upset?  Love you guys!

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by JennaRie, Feb 25, 2012
Does it usually happen in the evening? Could it be the witching hour? If not, maybe she needs less awake time even if she doesn't seem tired. My sleep book says that a baby under 4 months of age can't handle more than 2 hours of awake time without wearing down and eventually getting fussy. I started putting mine down after 1.5 hrs of awake time even though that seems like no time at all, and they still fall asleep and usually take great naps - they're 16 weeks old now. I don't know if it's just because they're older that they're napping better, but it seemed to me that when I shorted their awake time, they were easier to put down for naps and took longer naps. Might be worth a try one day just to see what happens! I have no idea about the lack of weight gain though, maybe she'll gain twice as much next week? Maybe she's about to go through a growth spurt?

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by tryingfor1sttime815, Feb 26, 2012
Have you tried gas drops just once to see if she instantly calms down once given to her?  You would then know if it is gas?  Another thought is touch her tummy to see if it hard when she starts screaming another sign sign of tummy pain....

This just sounds so similar to my son but his problem is not pooping and is a little more extreme.  So I am wondering if Morgan is having a tummy issue wheter it be colic, gas, sour tummy, or what have you.  Just a thought.  We have to grab Uriah's legs and push them up this chest and rock them back and forth in a clock wise motion, swaddle him, use gas drops, use suppositories and corn syrup in bottles (the last two per ped dr advise).  It has been a nightmare.  I wish you lots of luck and let us know what you find out.

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by Kimberleigh2208, Feb 27, 2012
Thank you girls for responding!  Of course pretty much after I posted this, Morgan has been back to her old self!  I'll keep monitoring the situation though.  Last night she slept for 9 hours straight and didn't fight us to sleep, just whined for a couple minutes and was out!  

Jenna -- I have noticed she needs to nap after being awake every couple hours so have been putting her down according to this but even then, she was waking up screaming at times like she was in pain.

trying -- I have felt her belly, doesn't feel hard when she's screaming but I do still wonder if it's tummy pain somehow because I can sometimes hear things "digesting" or whatever.  I don't have gas drops but I know gripe water doesn't help her (except to get rid of hiccups).  Next time I'm at the store, I'll check the ingredients in gas drops and if they're different from gripe water, I'll get some just to try it.  Sorry you are having such issues with sweet baby Uriah and I hope he grows out of it quickly!

I'll update if things change drastically again but for now, maybe it was just a growth spurt or bad week or something!  

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by JennaRie, Feb 27, 2012
oh I forgot the gas possibility! my girl had the worst gas up until 3 months. I'd know that's what it was because she'd jerk her legs and cry like she was in pain. we got prescription abdominal pain drops from our ped because the gas drops (simethicone) did nothing for her. It also seemed to help to put her in the swing and set it to swing her front to back instead of side to side.

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by sherrycoup, Feb 27, 2012
Ok ladies,  well first - baby could still have a burp stuck - soif it tkes 30 min to get out then do it!!  2)  baby could have acid relux (and no the baby does not have to projectile puke to have this) there is silent reflux!!! so after feeding sit baby up for 20-30 min 3) Chase is now 12 weeks and will not go down in crib during day but will nap in carseat or swing for an hour (THATS IT)  he does sleep 10-11hrs every night now though.  With my daughter she didnt start taking naps until she was about 5-6 mths!!  This is a normal thing so dont worry too much about it.  It will sort itself out :)

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by tryingfor1sttime815, Feb 27, 2012
I think gripe water is gas drops are the same thing.  Don't worry Mama, sounds like you are doing what you are suppose to.  It could be gas and sometimes gas drops just are not enough.  Another thing is a heating pad around the belly (of course not right on the belly but warmth on the belly) works.  All babies are different, you just got to find what works for yours.  Sometimes babies are going to unconsolable and that is normal.  We all have body pains in life and that is normal (a pediatrician told me this today).  I think we have realized that our little guy just goes poo ever other day and that is just his normal and that is okay or so every Dr I have talked to has said and I need to stop talking to our family who says he needs poo three times a day.

Good luck lady.  

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