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I miss you son.... :(

Feb 28, 2012 - 6 comments

Dear Aidan....

Mommy crying badly again as usual and mommy don't know when this will end...?? i love you son but GOD loves you more... i am so sorry if you were really sad watching fr above that i still the same even after month plus and even after so much things i try to do to be happy again... i still fail Aidan...!!! i still so miss you much....!!! my heart still pain.. still bleeding and still so hard to let you go... i am so sorry.... so sorry Aidan... i too much love you already... :((

Poor Mommy Rachel... :((

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1527510 tn?1392301344
by Carly1306, Feb 28, 2012
Big hugs to you. It's something no one should have to go through. My heart really does go out to you.

1935407 tn?1339234114
by hotmama78, Feb 28, 2012
Hey dear... thank you so much...!!! my heart so pain... i love this little bo so damn badly.. i do not know how to move on...!!! i tried and tried and tried its only getting harder and harder... i am dying inside dear.. :(( i am......!!!!

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Feb 28, 2012
Feel better!!!  Just trust God to help u though.  >:D< ( big hug)

1935407 tn?1339234114
by hotmama78, Feb 28, 2012
Yeahhh.. little bit better dear...!!! and that's all i can do... TRUST HIM that he has better plan for me, but trust me easy say then done... thanks dear for the big hug..

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Feb 28, 2012
Rachel, I'm SO sorry hun.  You are constantly on my mind and always in my heart.  I wished I could take this pain away or help somehow. There's no words that could take away the pain from the loss of a loved one and I know there's no way EVER that we could say enough to help with the loss of your child.  Forgive me for being honest but I'd never want to go through something like that but I would LOVE to be able to be there and help you.  You're sooo strong Rachel, god is there with your baby and they're both looking down on you!!  There's no way you could ever forget about this, much less get over(and we don't expect you to), we simply have to learn to "live" with how our lives unfold.  Everyone finds their own way.  I found mine!!  Hun this is going to take you awhile, it would me too if it were to happen!  It's still fresh just like it was yesterday, there's always going to come a time down the road as well as it will feel like yesterday.  Anything tragic like this lives with us forever unfortunately.  You've been through soo much already and are soo strong and  yes I mean strong as in learning to get through it, crying until you feel like you could cry no more and so forth, That's STRONG to me!!  I'm proud that you're one of my MH friends Rachel, just hang in there, it'll get easier!!  I'm here for you and always will be!!  Sending you many prayers and hugs!!  

1935407 tn?1339234114
by hotmama78, Feb 29, 2012
Des hun....

Thank you so much for the comfort.. you really always makes me feel much better every time i read your comments.. its really comforting my heart even though i read it with tears falling down and down and down.. i really hope better days will come soon into my life hun... i am getting really tired the way faith lead my life... :((

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