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had enuff

Feb 28, 2012 - 0 comments

were do i start, keyboard isn't working very well, my ex asked me 2 pick him upfrom liverpool last saturday nite, he knows i m terrible out of my safe zone, but he was drunk and had gotten split up from the others, I went,reluctantly, eventually found him, he was a drunken nitemare in my car andwen idropped him off at home he didnt even look back. I shud hate him, never want to see him again, blar blar but im sitting here crying over him YET AGAIN. I went to pick up my perscription and the dr hasn't givenme sum of my pills, this is just grt, they diagnose me, give me pills that give me a seizure, then change them, then tell me I have no diagnosis, discharge me, but still medicate me, if I stop these pills Ihavebeeen told I will have a seizure, and then leavethem off my perscription, nowto get past the mini hitler secretaries

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