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severe mental illness--asperger' different

Oct 17, 2008 - 2 comments

I've been on stelazine, navane, haldol (with cogentin), elavil, xanax, triavil, effexor, sinequan(sp?), zoloft, welbutrin, and now celexa. This has been in a span of over 20 years. I know the difference between my illness and my son's. He's able to reason much better than I do, can go out every day and do things as they're needed to be done. Me, I get confused when doing things. He genuinely enjoys talking to people. I don't. He loves school. I never got along well in school. I always did fine in the beginning, then as time progressed, people began pointing out that I was strange and "crazy." I've never been able to react in any other way other than anger in those situations. I mean, not anger at that moment, but later, when I'm alone, I always wish I could have expressed myself in some way that didn't make me seem weak.

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by daylightrx, Apr 10, 2009
I found that with a 12th house moon , its very hard to express anger and emotion ... I guess its why Im full of anxiety and social anxiety and having to take meds just to function within the rat race ( i can only dream of a house in the country without fear or people messing with my thoughts and emotions ) ....  I get angry but  cant and wont  express it in a violent anti social way ... For years this bothered me ... I would see these angry , emotional people .. bullies ,etc .. making their way through life , not caring who they hurt or step on ; for as buddah says "Man has made the mistake of copying the animals " ... Those people arnt in their doctors offices traumatised by their own emotions .... They just live their selfish lives in a kind of socio hedonism .....

What I worked out was to express my anger with well formed words and images ... a kind of sarcasm . I do artistic things but instead of painting pictures of pretty flowers or love songs , or poems ( which of course have purpose and merit ) .. Id be getting into Graffitti ( the walls dont lie ) , photography of hypocrasy ( stuff like poverty in so called 1st world countries , consumer company concerns over health , the ill logic of some laws , ect ) ... Same with my writing and research ....

Use your anger ; you need to remove it from your body as it will make you unwell ... but choose a velvet glove not an iron fist .

peace daylight .

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by ILADVOCATE, Apr 10, 2009
Yes Asperger's being a developmental disability doesn't respond to medication. Depression being a psychiatric disability does and sometimes anger can be part of a depressive episode. Sometimes its a matter of medication adjustment as well.
This site might be of help.
As for Asperger's these sites might be of use:

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