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Now who's in the shizzle...

Oct 17, 2008 - 0 comments




I don't take my problems into work. I never have, work is where I earn my money and home is where I can be myself, however that chooses to manifest itself.

Two days ago I called in sick, the Valium I had stolen from my nana had basically taken me out at the knees and I'd been super drowsy at work, I shouldn't have been driving AT ALL but the **** you get at that place for having a day off is unreal! So after nine.. yes nine, hours sleep I couldn't pull myself out of bed and called in. I organised a doctors appointment for this monday and called the office again saying that I was going to continue taking the pills (I told them that they were prescribed.. not thieved!) and wouldn't be in the following day either. Today I get a text message - how professional - from my boss saying I need to go to a meeting on Monday, I asked why and was told I need to tell them what's happening. At this point I'm crying and shaking in the kitchen of my shared house, telling my boss (still by text) that she doesn't need to know about my life.

I don't want to go to this meeting. If I have to start ******* tearing my skin to pieces to prove to this doctor that I am slowly losing my mind then so be it. I can't believe how my superiors can act this way, I've followed procedure to the letter.

Hence the mood... if this doctor can finally see into this then I might have a shot at beating this, because my lows at the moment are bringing me to a complete standstill and I can't keep taking 5mg of someone else's Valium every time my stress levels start to spike.

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