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Day 2

Feb 29, 2012 - 0 comments




Well I called my Dr today and said that the celexa brought on some symptoms that I could not handle.  I litterally flew of the handle last night.  Just basically freaked out.  Something that I never done before and my poor boyfriend was just sitting there stunned probably thought I was crazy.  Then on top of that it kept my mind going worse then before and was up all night.  I had to call off work....I've never done that.  So he now put me on Ativan and Buspar.  Boy did I need the ativan.  After what happened last night I still needed to calm down.  So I guess we will start all over again with this tomorrow.  I'm actually glad that its not an antidepressant cus I think that was going a little but over board. I never needed restored energy or to be happy again. I just needed something to calm me down and to make my mind stop going a mile a minute and stop thinking about this anxiety.  My mind is always going and it just won't stop thinking about my health.  Its like I need to retrain my brain to stop thinking about it.  Like trying to find distractions to force my mind to think of something else.  Its going to be a struggle but I will come out on top!

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