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Odd hallucinations but i like them

Mar 01, 2012 - 0 comments








Things ive noticed over the lastmonth...
Hallucinations - more frequent.  not sure if im noticing them more, i nkow they were around before

Tafe - near an ATM getting my card to withdraw money, and i could hear music in the background - i thought it was over speakers above me.... softly.
turned around to use the ATM machine and realised the noise was a fan-like whiiring out of the ATM.

elaving tave - at night, walking under trees, thought i saw a girl, all dressed in black, and black boots. looked up, to see it was just shadows of trees

I see the workphone voicemail light on RED when its off

i hear my phone sms tone go, when it hasnt, or phone ring when it hasnt.

i hear distant noises, distant music

saw a lion driving a car only to glance again to see it was a lady with a lot of blond short hair

sirens go off.  yelling screaming in the distance

smelt cigaruette smoke
burning metal smell

Does make the world a bit more intersting.

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