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Light headedness + not thinking as clear ... found a solution but need help with the medical part of it... !!!!~!!!!

Mar 01, 2012 - 1 comments









pull out

Well - I have figured something out which has lead me to this forum - so I am going to put it in a journal!~!
I have been getting lightheaded alot for the last 2-3 years and I have now went to the doctor and tried to get an MRI done with the help of a nurse I know behind the scenes. This has not worked on the nurse practitioner - she sent me to get blood tests done - so tomorrow I will be going to do this! I know it's not right to tell a little fib to get my head checked out - but I have two kids that I love so very much - it hurts to think about leaving them behind if it was something serious. I'm sorry. Anyhow I feel light-headed alot - for the last few years - but tonight I have found something that actually has a positive effect on my weird feeling I always have - not to say it's a solution but I think it will be an answer for someone who is smart enough (-; !  

So here goes ... when I pull on my hair with both hands - everywhere on my head it seems to somehow stop the weird feeling inside my head - I am thinking that it's opening up whatever is being blocked - - this is the longest I haven't felt that weird light head feeling in years - so with that - I will finish my blood tests and then try to  tell my new doctor and see what he says - also I am going to tell him I started a journal so he takes me seriously! 3/2/2012 Lu1chY !~!

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by l3fty, Mar 02, 2012
Well Today I have not felt the light headed feeling - tonight it has come back just a little and I feel it's going to come back again soon - while I relieve it as much as I can - I think it's making more room for blockage - I am going to get my blood work done on Monday after this weekend - and then I'm going to go back to the doctor as many times a it takes for them to do a check inside my head! I will keep the journal posted.

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