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cd 36 where did this abundance of ewcm come from????

Mar 04, 2012 - 1 comments

havin a baby w pcos


late ovulation

i havent been on here for a minute been using my medhelp mobile tracker instead but something weird happened to me today....well to begin with my cycles been all over the place recently but no longer than 43 days (my last MS....29/01/12)...ive been getting alot of spotting this cycle from the last day of AF and patches of ewcm from 2 weeks post AF....?!?!?!....about 3 pm i went to wee and then heard a drop in te toilet like as if a 5p had droped in the water...i look down and there is this 3-4 inch string of cm hanging from normally super dry this time of cycle i dont know wat to think...i did an opk test about 8 pm and it kinda looks pos or pretty damn close...will try post a pic have any one experienced this b4??? wat happened after??

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by hopefull613, Mar 06, 2012
Cd38 still have ewcm when I wipe very stretchy...did opk lastnight it was kinda almost pos but I've run out of them now...gotta a routine ultrasound on saturday though.... Bet I could wait 4 mre days

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