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32 weeks

Oct 18, 2008 - 1 comments

Yesterday was my 32 weeks appointment.  Everything looks great.  I lost 3 pounds, wich is not weird after my new GD diet.
We also had a  sonogram, baby is measuring right on schedule and weights 4 lbs!
Im so happy, just 6 more weeks to go!

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by star_girl, Oct 18, 2008
Woo Hoo!!!!!  Im 32 weeks tomorrow and have a doc. appt. on Tuesday!  Im sure ive gained 4 lbs.  I have been doubling my weight each time.  But again im playing major catch up from the first few months when i lost weight and never really gained it back until now.  But im def. not gaining a pound a week, its more like 2 lbs a week haha.  I wish i was getting a sonogram :(....but thats great that your baby is right on schedule and everything looks good!!!!  

We are almost done!  Woo HOO!!

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