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Pregnancy test <3

Mar 06, 2012 - 2 comments

So i found my old pictures today that i took of my pregnancy tests last time i was pregnant with my angel baby. I didnt no i was pregnant until i was late for AF by 3 days, so i tested on day 17dpo and 19dpo, and even then looking back on the picture the test line was not as strong as i thought it would, it was not bright red like the control line, and was still quite light. So today i am 12dpo but maybe 11dpo and i took a cheapie test and again gave me a BFN. So am taking this as i didnt get my BFP this month again, so am ruleing myself out this month. However i didnt test that early last time. So maybe there is still some hope for me. I guess because i want this so bad i am just looking for every single symtom and thinking that it could be a sign of pregnancy. Just have to wait and see, for now i have run out of pregnancy tests and ovulation tests.So i have ordered all new ones for next month. And will be taking my 2nd batch of pregnacare conception. <3 Concieivng a baby really isnt as easy as i thought <3 I gave up last time after 11 months of TTC and then BAM i was pregnant. Maybe i should give up again, i just might get lucky SSBD xxxxxx

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by agrell, Mar 06, 2012
I wasnt exactly sure on my dpo this time i found out i was pregnant but i couldnt get a positive on a cheap one till days after i missed af...but i got positive on a frer test and a digital way ahead of the cheap one...i was 5 days before af was due...good luck and best wishes :)) SSBD

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by Dani469x, Mar 06, 2012
Thank you agrell =)...The ones I have been using are the paper strips from ebay I got about 20 for 3.50.But the reason am saying I am ruling myself out due to the fact that they are 10mlu very sensitive. So something should have shown by now, I was hoping for the lightest line,but nothing,i am looking at the test for ages trying to convince my self that I can see something, but its probably only an evap line or how there made. Just very confused because I always have signs afew days before af is due,such as cramps sore bbs. But av got nothing at all. You think that my body would be back to normal by now since the m\c. Very congratulations on your BFP and thank you for your post xxxxx

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