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OMG we saw beanie!

Mar 07, 2012 - 36 comments

I am in shock - we saw the heartbeat!  I was hoping to see the yolk sac today but everything was there, the yolk sac, the fetal pole and the heartbeat flickering.  She said beanie was 3mm and was measuring 5 weeks, 6 days and I am 6 weeks today so pretty much bang on.  I just can't believe it!

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334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Mar 06, 2012
It truly is amazing when you see that first u/s with the hb. I've been stalking your page all day lol. Just wait till next scan you will be in awe by how fast he/she grows!! I can't tell you how happy I am for you!!! I could scream! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Ok much better lol. Do you have any new symptoms? When's your next scan?

1473300 tn?1397592129
by renny320, Mar 06, 2012
Yay!!! Congratulations. I am so glad you got to see the heartbeat.

1219499 tn?1410753330
by dscoqn, Mar 06, 2012
Thanks sweetie - I am in just total shock - it was sooooooo amazing!  Oh by the way my HCG was 18,000 which they said was right on track.  I don't have to do anymore HCG testS now - yay!  Because I am still under the recurrent pregnancy loss clinic I get to have weekly scans if I want to for the rest of the pregnancy - and it's all free :) :) :)

1219499 tn?1410753330
by dscoqn, Mar 06, 2012
Thanks Renny :)

334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Mar 06, 2012
Yay for no more betas! Your lucky you can have a weekly u/s!! I go next week Thursday for my ob apt and idk if I will get an u/s but I hope so since its been a month since I've seen them. If he wasn't planning on giving me one I'm just gonna start crying so he will lol.  Ever since you got your bfp I set up the world clock I have on my phone to show me the time on your location so I know what time it is by you do I know when to check for updates lol. So what's next with the re? When will they release you to an ob?

Avatar universal
by Maybe-baby, Mar 06, 2012
Every week!! Wow that's lovely. You can make an amazing lil book out of the weeky pictures :) glad it went amazingly well and can't wait until next week's! :) :) xx

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by princessren88, Mar 06, 2012
Congrats!!! I had my very first u/s at exactly 6 weeks and was also able to see the HB!! Amazing news! Sooo happy for you!!

294043 tn?1354211546
by Helen72, Mar 06, 2012
AMAZING!  Glad everything looks good.

1651820 tn?1333857284
by heatonwife09, Mar 06, 2012
Love this update! :)

1645406 tn?1453757957
by marsi2, Mar 06, 2012
Congratulations! So happy for you! May you and baby stay happy and healthy!!

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Mar 06, 2012
Congrats gurly :-)  Hope u have a happy nine months :-)

1041303 tn?1421390941
by frank_noahsmommy, Mar 06, 2012
Congrats!!!! I am crying happy tears for you :)

922048 tn?1387946184
by Sherri90049, Mar 07, 2012
Omg! What amazing wonderful news, sweetie! Ditto with the happy tears! You SO deserve this! I'm so glad you get to have free regular u/s's! And I can't wait to see when you post your u/s pics!!! You just made my day with this news! Big hugs!!! xx

922048 tn?1387946184
by Sherri90049, Mar 07, 2012
Ok, duh! You posted an u/s pic! Yeah!!!! Awesome! I LOVE those! :-)

1045917 tn?1376598210
by nichumangel, Mar 07, 2012
I am so happy to hear your wonderful news!! Hugs

1453322 tn?1438347897
by klr2650, Mar 07, 2012
Great News! It was your time...!

1462588 tn?1345065395
by TAGLAS, Mar 07, 2012
Congrats!! I am so happy for you. :)

1121273 tn?1325371575
by k10road, Mar 07, 2012
OMG I am soooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!

1272624 tn?1395437957
by plumber43, Mar 07, 2012
Yay, I'm so so happy for you!
Hugs to you!

1255151 tn?1413895426
by rbohl01, Mar 07, 2012
Sooooo incredibly happy for you!!!! This is great news!!I I can't wait to follow your progress =)

1969424 tn?1353024241
by SeptemberBound, Mar 07, 2012
What wonderful news, I know you are over the moon!  that is how I was at six weeks when I saw my little beanie's hb also.  Enjoy your journey :-)

865566 tn?1356703962
by GiGiGiGi, Mar 07, 2012
Congrats!  Isnt it just the most amazing thing that you have that little bean growing inside of you?  What a miracle.

1654570 tn?1364395883
by juana105, Mar 07, 2012
Congratulations!!!! Seeing that lil flicker is one of the most beautiful moments in life... I bet that you are beyond happy:-)))

1358553 tn?1339933481
by Michelledj, Mar 07, 2012
Congratulations again, must be such a relief to see the HB and having weekly scans if you choose to will be awesome, so nice to know they are keeping a close eye on you and baby :). This is it :) soon you WILL be a Mummy and you thoroughly deserve to be xx

1900942 tn?1462425060
by agrell, Mar 07, 2012
Thats awesome love congrats :))

1105450 tn?1375687321
by renee82, Mar 07, 2012
Yeah so exciting. I am sssoooo happy for you :-)

1353461 tn?1340381803
by monnie143, Mar 07, 2012
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! You deserve this! Enjoy your pregnancy!

1219499 tn?1410753330
by dscoqn, Mar 07, 2012
Awwwwww thank you so much everyone!  Your kind words make my eyes well up :)
I am still in disbelief that it's finally in the right place and is actually developing into something.  I have never even seen a sac in my uterus let alone a heartbeat (they have probably all been in my tubes) and it still hasn't sunk in that that's my uterus I'm looking at with all that going on inside it, not someone elses.  

Avatar universal
by Maybe-baby, Mar 07, 2012
Awww :) Hope it starts to feel real soon! just wait until it looks like a baby, that'll be so so exciting :)

1958849 tn?1334083776
by garreol8, Mar 07, 2012
Beautiful..... Congrats!!!!

1767465 tn?1336416547
by im_jus_sayin, Mar 07, 2012
awww congratulations... i cant wait to be able to know everything is ok too... yay

1386765 tn?1451167937
by pb95, Mar 07, 2012
Woo hoo!  Glad to hear such good news!

590782 tn?1351708124
by claud9, Mar 07, 2012
This is great news. I am so happy for you that you got to see your little one. I am glad all is looking good.

1002983 tn?1349825686
by Marietta2000, Mar 07, 2012
haha, I was behind the times with my note - you've been for the scan obviously!!  And a huge CONGRATUATIONS is in order!!!  FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!  You've seen the heartbeat & you're engaged!!!!  YAY!!!  I'm so happy for you all XOX

392430 tn?1382908381
by kele1129, Mar 08, 2012
I love popping on and seeing such awesome news. Congratulations! That heartbeat is an amazing thing to see.

1160836 tn?1332333769
by Sobie, Mar 13, 2012
COngrats mama, wishing you a healthy happy 9 months.

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