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learning styles



A collection of really funny stories from parents you might even recognize your child in some of these stories.   This is kinda break for parents.  As parents, we get sooo serious and so frustrated or wrapped up in desperation that we forget to laugh.  Some of these episodes in these series of books by Wayne Gilpin, we could have written ourselves.  These books have some value to me if only to take a step back and look at the big picture and just laugh and alow myself to love.  I get angry too many times as my kids can verify.  There is a serious side to the books, too.  It shows how we need to just back up and look at the big picture.   Wayne's series of books give me perspective.  The last section of the bookls has the more serious side.   I recognized some of my views in those sections.   Very positive approach.

Laughing and Loving with Autism
More Laughing & loving with Autism
Much More...Laughing & Loving with Autism
by Wayne Gilpin:  

  Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin:  

A very informative book about all types of neurological conditions.    

The way they learn by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias:  
This book explains the different styles people process information.    She calls these learning styles; most of the ideas are modeled after from the research of Anthony Gregoric Ph.D.   We tend to process information better in dominantly concrete or abstract forms and we are better at organizing   information in either a random or sequential order (once again, in a dominant manner, not all the time).   As these methods are combined, a model develops: Concrete Sequential, Concrete Random, Abstract Sequential, Abstract Random.   It stresses that once a child's learning style is recognized; you change the teaching strategy to fit that style.   This book is about children in general.
  It's easy to read for both parents and   educators alike.
This book is published by
Focus on the Family Colorado Springs, CO.   I recommend it to any educator.


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