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Wondering if I'm doing enough

Mar 07, 2012 - 0 comments

long term

Am I eating too much?  Too little and slowing down my metabolism?  Am I being a bit too lazy and not getting out for a walk now and again, more so than I have so far this week?  Do I really need to be worrying about these things...  Maybe not.

Worrying about the above means I have an eye only toward the short term weight loss and not considering the big picture that should be front and center.  That big picture is a portrait of a life change, an eating, exercise and general lifestyle change that should be life long.  If I focus on the short term and simply want to fit into my old jeans then once again, I'll fit into them and then forget how hard it was to get there.  

...Not this time.  I'm going to try and learn not to focus so much on the short term and spend time considering what it will take to stay healthy, stay fit.  


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