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vein pain

Mar 07, 2012 - 1 comments





varicose vein



first this I notice is a lump at the end of my dosal Vein on my penis after some activity.  it was red and bruised.  It tingled at first,  then it ached.  After 3 months varicose veins popped up on the left side of my shaft.  they sting and burn.  the origninal lump hurts every day still.

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by Veinhope, Mar 14, 2012
OK, the oringinal lump doesn't hurt anymore, but afraid if I play around down there things will fet worse again.  Varicose veins still ache.  seem to be getting better though ot getting used to it.  I am able to do things and not even notice them for a decent chunk of the day.

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