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Bring it on....

Mar 07, 2012 - 2 comments

Clomid day 1, cd3....I am praying this is our cycle. We have like everyone we know preg and just found out tonight another friend is going in (again) as a surrogate. She has a transfer scheduled in 2 weeks. So if (and praying we are) i get preg on time this month- we'd be preg the same time! Im not holding my breath but still doing all we can to make it happen. I hope I hope I hope....still pissy that people are getting preg all over but me...but it must be my time since everyone else had their time already..... common BFP!!!!!

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1105753 tn?1374290948
by mjmom69, Mar 08, 2012
Lots of SSBD to you!!

1651820 tn?1333857284
by heatonwife09, Mar 08, 2012
Thanks sweetie! Im going cookoo over here. Lol. Now to add the emotional rollercoaster of clomid, haha. Its cd4 and AF is on her way out. Its gonna be a BD session every other day at the least. Thanks for the bbdust

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