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Mar 08, 2012 - 0 comments trying to creep in today.  

*Via tremendous pain in my head.  The doc says I have increased intracranial pressure from taking prednisone.  Did not need another issue.

*Via symptoms coming back and persisting.  Right forefinger not working well today.  Seems like it would like to join the left one in tingling/zapping as well.  Chest pains are trying to crush me, but with no dx: no rx and no relief.

*Via husband not understanding.  I would like to stay on top of things.  I want answers.  He wants (again) to wait and see.  Why isn't he worried that I'm falling apart bit by bit?  

*Via news from the neurologist that I should try the LP again.  After 4 failed attempts at a tap and with already having high intracranial pressure, should I really be doing this?  Not looking forward to it, but he's giving up on searching for answers for me until I do it.  

*Via an excess of free time.  Made a summer shirt yesterday.  Not sure what to do with myself today.  

Trying to keep my head up and looking forward to tomorrow.

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