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Thank you Nyquil!

Mar 08, 2012 - 2 comments

Took Nyquil and got some DEEP sleep....BUT I believe that's why I have a little fatigue and depression at this time of the morning.  Still getting stuff done though!  Day 3 belongs to ME and not some stupid substance!

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by HURTIN58, Mar 08, 2012
well done my friend! but, if u start to feel worse again, just dig in and defend your newly won position....dont give back ground....have you tried lifesavers? sounds dumb i you have an md who will write a script 4 you for hydroxizine pam ? 50 mgs? its an old school antihistimine and will help w sleep and anxiety and is not habit forming...the prison systems use it w great sucess. ummm, big bands music...the great singers, i find it!
drink! shower! cry! courage, i know you know what it is now...i can see you have it...peace

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by MIkanik, Mar 08, 2012
Thanks HURTIN!  I'm on an anti-anxiety med that I will kick.  Lifesavers, huh??  I'll have to call my doc and see what he says about that hydroxizine.  I've already decided to do sleep tonight w/out any aid. I have a feeling I'll be ok.  I was just thinking I'd play some really good classical music and let that lead my day.  I actually have a greater appetite today and totally see 3 full meals today....with a few little snacks in between even!  Hehe!  Thanks so much for your note...means alot!  COURAGE & STRENGTH!!

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