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Give up trying!!!!

Mar 08, 2012 - 3 comments

So today is 14dpo and last night i was so ill headache,so weak, sick to my stomach sore bbs the lot.So i thought okay i will take a FRER 1st thing. I did and of course a BFN. I just cant believe it, its just not fair. Now i have started to spot so will definatley start af by 2moro. I am just so drained, and dont think i can do this anymore. What does it have to take. I do everything by the book, track my ovulation. Use ovulation predicter kits,2 different ones every month. Take pregnacare conception every month, dont drink,dont smoke. So why is it so hard for me to concieive. I am quite young so it should be easy. I thought after a d&c your suppose to be more fertile. Its been 4 months and i know for a fact that this is just not going to happen for me at all. It took me 11months last time, then i lost baby at 14weeks. I just dont get why it is taking so long, its so draining and emotional, to be let down again every single month. I just feel like a complete failare.

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by Jessmarie842, Mar 11, 2012
Sorry to hear about your loss! Hang in there...I know its a long process but I'm sure it will happen. I know the feeling of how frustrating it is everytime your AF comes but if you give up, it wont happen. Seems like you are doing all the right things just try to relax since stress affects fertility too ( i know easier said than done).  For me what helps is researching more about how to improve fertility and if you are at all interestered, I would recommend reading the book, "Making Babies" by David and Blakeway which talks about how to increase fertility.  The following link will give you info about the book and you can take a free quiz to find out your fertility type and suggestions to help you based on your type:    

The book has a lot of useful info and suggests accupuncture to increase fertility...after I get all the results from RE, I'm going to start accupuncture. I have done accupuncture before and it helped  regulate my cycle after I had a miscarriage.

Just remember you are not alone...there are lots of us here to provide support! Good luck and hope you get your BFP soon!

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by Dani469x, Mar 12, 2012
Its just so hard at the moment because ino soooo many people around me at the moment who are getting pregnant by accident, then afew weeks later say they are single,and they dont even appreciate the fact they are pregnant,and are constantly moaning. I have been with my fiance for 5 and half yrs. We tried for 11months,and even then i said to him i know something is wrong i dont think i can ever get pregnant.But then i did,then i sadly lost it at 14 weeks. I think that knowing it took me so long to get pregnant the 1st time am scared it going to take even longer next time,or it wont ever happen at all. It been 4 months and i feel its been years becasue am just counting down each day. No matter how hard i try and what i do it still doesnt seem to work. My cycles seem to be getting back on track now, so i hope it happens soon. and thank you jess, that really means alot to me. Thank you i hope you also get ur bfp we are both hoping for xx

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by Madalyn1029, Apr 23, 2012
I know exactly how you feel i have been trying since the first day or this year and actually last year i was pregnant with twin boys and i was hit straight in my belly when i was about four months along and the person that hit me was not blind and they did see this big round belly sticking out and i was so depressed and sad and angry i didnt know what to do and now that i am finally ready to start trying again with my fiance so far there has been nothing and it ***** i hate being let down at the end of every month to find out that i am bleeding down there. no there is absolutely nothng wrong with trying young because i am over here only 16 years old trying about to  be 17 but dont worry i know exactly how you feel. i wish you the best and i hope that we both get what we want

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