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Bye for now

Oct 18, 2008 - 6 comments

Well gals,
I am on the to Australia in the morning.  Surreal actually, it feels like i am just going on a holiday and not leaving my Mum and Dad and
I just wanted to say goodbye from New Zealand and as soon as I get set up will get online and say G'day from Australia!
Hope everyone is feeling well and that the sun is shining wherever you are.  
To my special friends..Marie, Jan, Donna, Marty, Chris, TC, Becky, Sharon...and of course everyone well, take care of yourselves and I am always thinking of you and continue to pray for peace and a cure for this beast.

I love you all but its bye (just for a little while).

Peace and Love to you.....Kim

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408448 tn?1286883821
by marie3B, Oct 18, 2008
I will be anxiously awaiting that "G'day".  I hope the move goes smoothly and settling in is easy.  I hope you feel at home very quickly.  Love,  Marie

447161 tn?1262923084
by kimmywah, Oct 18, 2008
I forgot to mention my special sister from the South....Colleen (ivfrogs).

Love Kim

167426 tn?1254086235
by SimplyStar, Oct 18, 2008
Have a safe trip hun,  will be waiting to hear from you.  As I used to tell Helen,  Helmar,  I'll see you riding on a kangaroo.   Will be a good thing for you, a change of scenery and new way of life.  Love  marty

282804 tn?1236833591
by Jan214, Oct 18, 2008
What an interesting time for you.  I used to love adventures and moving from New Zealand to Australia counts as a big adventure in my book!!!!!  Have fun and talk to you soon.

272338 tn?1252280404
by crecco, Oct 18, 2008
   I wish you a safe and happy trip and will anxiously be waiting to hear from you once you are settled in.
You take care of yourself too! And know that we will be thinking about you.
   Love Chris

354706 tn?1279470795
by PinkTissue, Oct 26, 2008
Have a safe and relaxing trip!

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