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Mar 09, 2012 - 0 comments

1st time pregnancy




Womens Health

I have never really belonged to an online forum before, unless you count facebook.  But the day I found out I was pregnant I knew I'd need a TON of support, and mostly from women.  Right now I am living downtown with my father and fiance, so I'm consantly surrounded by video games and sports.  Which was always ok before but now that I'm pregnant EVERYTHING has changed, my dad and I used to wrestle all the time and slap eachother around and now I'm too afraid to even ride with him in his jeep (he's restoring a 1940s army jeep) over the cobblestone because its not good to shake the baby.  Shuli by boyfriend and now fiance has been amazing.  His family is islamic so we decided to get engaged after we found out I was pregnant.  He's impreganated two other girls before me but they both had abortions so this is his first baby too.  When we first began dating he told me that if I ever did get pregnant he would leave it up to me saying it was my body & my choice.  Since we've only really been together for 4 months and I am now 3 months pregnant (yes if you do the math I may seem like a bit of a ****) so I battled with the thought of abortion for a long time, but once I saw that positive pregnancy test this overwhelming sense of happiness flooded over me and I knew I could NEVER abort my baby.  Then we had to tell my family, this came completely out of the blue because I've been told by numerous doctors that due to my past medical problems I would never be able to concieve, which is actually another reason I could never abort.  Luckily everyone has been AMAZINGLY supportive, my mother, grandmother, and sister have been the BEST!  It took my dad a little while to swallow the fact that I was pregnant but once he realized how happy I had become and how dedicated I was to my new family he eventually came around.  No one was mad at us or unhappy about this news and I am forever greatful for the support.  
Shuli and I are not at all ready for this baby but have enough time to get ready before he shows up, so any and all help or advice from anyone would be great, thank you!

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