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How i found my healing solution to Dercums disease

Mar 09, 2012 - 2 comments

Healing dercums disease

Dear fellow Dercum's disease patients (adiposis dolorosa, adiposa dolorosa, lipomatosis dolorosa, neurolipomatosis, Dercum's syndrome).

At the age of 20 i developed minor Dercum's disease (not knowing it yet), around my 35th birthday I started getting a lot of experience with all known phenomena of that. On my 40th I got a period of great stress in my life and this was the trigger that Dercums disease in my body made a terrible ordeal.

After a year of visiting various skin specialists in scientific research hospitals the conclusion was that the skin specialists had no idea what to do nor what is the cause. The only conclusion is that my fat create's lipomas and is irritated and is lumpy.
The terrible pain is not aknowlegded and the cause is sought in the psyche.

After much consideration I decided to tackle it myself.
At the cosmetic surgeon, I had 4 sessions (under a general light anesthetic) and over 20 of the most painful tumors (lipomas) were removed, this may make me saved my life because I was really desperate for the pain and turmoil that this caused.

Gradually I read on the internet by many people that the link was established between Dercums disease and a gluten intolerance and also a relationship between stress and Dercums. Stress causes adrenaline which on the long term creates cortisol which acts into the already weaker and irritated lipomas and fatty tissues.

Dercums appears to be an autoimmune disease, and the statement that a gluten-free diet for this may work to me seemed very plausible.
Certainly if you look at the way the body tries to isolate the gluten in lipomas and how adipose tissue is irritated by the reaction to gluten intolerance in the long term.

This scenario gave me hope on an healing approach of Dercums Disease!

I started with a gluten-free diet and this appears to me an important part of the solution.
Another part of the solution is in stress reduction, for this I use L-Triptophane. This is an amino acid that provides stress reduction and thereby improves sleep.

I also took sedatives and derivatives of L-triptofaan but this gave no effect to me.
I also want to mention the prevention of cold on the body, do not go outside as temperature drops below freezing point in too thin a coat or pants, this is making the fatty tissue extra irritated.

I find it absolutely incomprehensible that the specialists in this field the above causal relationships have not been studied.
Apparently it is of insufficient commercial interest to present this group of patients to help improve their quality of life.

The solutions i have found do require an approach to your lifestyle, you must have the energy and will to pick up. For me i found pretty alternatives to bread (gluten), and other allergens such as alcohol and cigarettes (note also Cannabis, It also contains gluten and therefore is not a valid painkiller at all for dercums disease!, Do not forget that there are also gluten in beer!). Alternatives I have now found in, for example chocolate, nutmix, yogurt, fruit, potatoes, vegetables, meat, rice etc.

I really hope I can help others with these insights.
I also want to convey the message that there really is hope and that by insisting you can approach it and you get a full quality life recover.

You can overcome 80% of the issues coming with dercums disease.

Dercums disease patient.

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by 777Laura, May 30, 2012
Is there a definite difference between familial multiple angiolipomatosis and dercum's disease? When you say pain, are you referring to pain caused by the pressure on nerves and blood vessels or painful fat?  I am struggling with the pressure caused by all of the lumps.  It doesn't make sense to me that there can't be a solution. I am willing to try everything.  Am trying the sauna everyday as well.  


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by Annepe, Oct 31, 2014
Dear post writer,

I know that it was a long time ago now that you wrote this post but I just want to say that I have come to a similar conclusion. There are so many factors in how my Dercum's developed and manifests itself that I have come to believe that it could very likely be an autoimmune disease. (Although there seems to be a group of similar diseases that go under the name of Dercum's and other variants may be of genetic or other origin.) I manage my disease now by eating according to The Autoimmune Protocol. Look it up if you haven't heard of it! It excludes gluten, all grains, milk, legumes and more things that create inflammation and trigger autoimmunity. I also take low dose naltrexone (LDN).


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