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Little Things Mean a Lot

Mar 09, 2012 - 0 comments

getting better







The antidepressant must finally be "working." That must be what this is. I'm not sure. Things seem managable. Just that word in itself is magical; that anything at all seems conquerable was unimaginable such a short time ago. Nothing really changed. Just everything. I'm talking to people. Being friendly, not as shy. Have I been avoiding meeting my new neighbors still? Yes. But I've grappled with so many things I never thought were possible. I hope with all my heart that I'm finally on the right path. I know it won't always be perfect, just really grateful for this day. Every day. I have a pep in my step and sometimes just seem effervescent, not overjoyed, but just like happiness is bubbling up from inside of me and I want to share. It's the best feeling. It almost brings me to tears. If only I could resolve this ex-fiancee thing... but I know it's for a reason. Falling in love took time, and so will moving on. :/

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