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Ectopic pregnancy

Mar 10, 2012 - 2 comments

I recently had surgery to remove and ectopic pregnancy . I had visited by GP 10 days earlier when I was 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
My symptoms was light bleeding and really excruciating pain in my left side. It woke me up the night before at around 2 am and I physically couldnt move.
I went to the docs the next day and explained to her the symptoms I was having and after a quick feel of my tummy she said it seems quite tender and she told me she was referring me to the hospital for a vaginal ultrasound scan to see what's going on.
She phoned the unit whilst I was in the room and she booked me in with them for a scan.
I was told because it was a suspected ectopic I had to go there straight away. I went straight to the hospital and had to wait a little while.
A nurse took my blood pressure and asked me the date of my last period she worked out how far along I was.
She told me to go back to the waiting room and after another long wait , I was called into a room by a doctor, he asked me a few questions about how I was feeling etc and what symptoms I wad having. He told me I wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy because people he's seen in the hospital who are having an ectopic pregnancy cannot walk they are in that much pain. I explained to him I was like that lastnight in the early hours of the morning. He asked me if he could do an internal examination so I agreed.
His outcome was , I have a bit of a twisted uterus and I am suffering with constipation. He told me my baby is fine and he's booking me in for a ultrasound scan 10 days later, and I would see my baby on the screen and everything is fine . He sent me home and I was feeling quite happy thinking my baby is fine and I'm Going to be ok.  
A few days later the pain was still there and so I had to leave work early and go to my local hospital , I couldn't be seen there as there was no gynacologist. So I wad told to ring the hospital where I was a few days before.

I phoned them and explained to them that I was reffered with a suspected ectopic by my doctor and now I am still experiencing the pains etc.
The nurse on the phone asked me what my blood tests had shown , I said I wasnt given an blood tests, she wasn't happy as he said they should have been done to measure my hcg.
She told me I couldn't just turn up and I would need to be reffered by my doctor, I told her I was a few days before for a scan and I wasn't given one. She told me I couldnt have one today anyway as they have none available .
To cut a long story short and repeated trips to my doctors , who said well if the hospital said it's nothing to worry about then I should be fine and I might be miscarrying so I should go home and rest.
I went for my ultrasound on the 16th January and no baby no sac no heartbeat was found. I got told I had a complete miscarriage.
I was sent to another nurse for her to complete paperwork with me, and she said from what I'm saying with the signs I was showing she thinks I am having an ectopic . As she done a positive pregnancy test and no baby was found in my uterus.
She sent me for some blood tests and she also wasn't happy that they never took my bloods the week and half ago before. She told me to go home and wait for the results the same day as it was urgent.
I went home and within half hour I was called back and they told me I need to go back to the hospital straight away and the doctor wants to see me.

When I got there the doctor saw me almost immediately, she said she thinks I am having a ectopic pregnancy and she would like to do another internal scan.
On the scan she could see bleeding in my tubes and so she said I would need surgery and a possible salpingectomy straight away as it was an emergency.
So later that night I was taken to theatre and had my left tube taken away.

I sent a letter asking the hospital why they didn't pick up on it the 10 days earlier , and why they didn't give me the scan that they said I was going there to have after my doctor had rang them and booked me in for it.
I also asked them why my blood wasn't taken when I was reffered there by my doctor.

Their reply was they do not always do scans and people are given them if they are important.
Well is a suspected ectopic pregnancy with all the signs and symptoms not an important case ?
Also I asked them if it was picked up on the first time I went to the hospital could I have been treated with a drug rather than surgery and losing my tube ?
Anyone else had anything similar and does anyone know who is eligible for the drug an at what stage of an ectopic ?

Please help ?

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by RandeeRatchet, Apr 11, 2012
I did. I was at my bachelorette party in Vegas. It was my second day there and I was walking back to the hotel from breakfast. My left side started hurting so bad I could barely make it back to the room. After about an hour we called an ambulance and had them take me to the nearest hospital. I was there for 10 hours doing every test. Ultrasounds pelvic exams... blood tests. I sat in the waiting room with a bunch of junkies.. We all had Iv's in our arms. There were even some on the floor. The nurses were complete jerk offs and very disorganized. after 8 hours I begged them to give me my results so I could go back and sleep. The nurse started to be rude to me but she saw that I had tears in my eyes and had a nurse bring me to the back. I couldn't figure out why they weren't discharging me. I for some reason didn't think it was serious at that point. Maybe because if it was they would have brought me back immediately? no, that wasn't it. They were dealing with overdoses.  they put me in a hospital bed and i heard the nurse tell the dr i was pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. Then after 30 min. the dr told me i could just be pregnant with a cyst that ruptured. Was there another 2 hours and finally Went back to the hotel that night with pain killers. I didn't take them because I was so happy thinking i was pregnant with a normal pregnancy, i didn't want to risk anything. The next morning i woke up with blood and pain. Ambulance came and got me again. was in the hospital for another 5 to 6 hours doing the same tests. Ob came in and said it was either an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage or a normal pregnancy with a cyst. My options were surgery to see what was going on, medicine they give cancer patients to kill my cell count and get rid of the baby or to wait it out. I asked him if surgery was a good idea and he said "you could die" (worst hospital ever) he also said "well, i don't know the drs here, if they are good or not". yes he really did say that. hospital from hell. I asked him about the medicine and he said "well, if it's a normal pregnancy it could kill the baby" so... i waited it out and flew home the next morning. Feeling faint and tired monday morning i got fit into a Ob even though all of them were completely booked (thank God!). She said she suspected an ectopic pregnancy but wanted my blood hcg levels to make sure. I was pregnant but my body might have been miscarrying the baby on its own... so i got my blood (mind you i had been crying since that friday, face burned from tears). she didn't call me till 6pm that day and told me my hcg levels had gone down a little but if i felt pain to go back to the ER. I felt so so dizzy and faint all day... not to mention nauseous to the point of not eating. Next morning I woke up in extreme pain and lots of bleeding. My mom who was extremely worried rushed me to the Er. They took me right in, did the same tests (in an hour, not 10!) In the middle of the ultra sound the tech had the speakers so loud that the babies heart beat blasted and my mom could hear it in the hallway. I was almost excited because I thought maybe that meant the baby was ok and moved to my uterus. I was wrong. and another hour later a dr came in to tell me they were rushing me to the next town because i needed emergency surgery. There were not any surgeons there to do it. After 2 min. another dr came rushing in to tell me there wasn't any time and there was a dr rushing to me to perform surgery. You can imagine how scared i was. I couldn't even talk to my dad on the phone because all i could hear in my head was the drs from vegas telling me i was going to die. (oh yeah, they told me over and over that i could die, and yet i understand they wanted me to know it was serious... but they could of let me know that as long as i got to a dr i would be ok) So the dr comes super quick and the next thing i know i'm waking up with 3 incisions in my belly. After I went home my mother came in to tell me what had happened since i really didn't know. She had pictures of my baby (which she wasn't going to show me, but i wanted to see) and she told me the baby had ruptured and my stomach was filled with blood. the dr had to take my fallopian tube and clean out all the blood, scraping all of my insides clean. The dr told my mom there was so much I wouldn't have made it if they moved me to the next town. The dr had come on her day off with her hair unbrushed. She is a great dr and when i meet with her in the next week will have to bring her chocolate.
It's been one week exactly from the surgery. I'm still in a lot of pain. My incisions are fine but I'm super bloated like I'm pregnant. It goes down in the morning from sleeping but if I stand too long it swells back up. It's hard to walk too much. Around the house is fine but I had my mother in law take me to do a couple easy wedding errands and I was hurting so bad i felt like i was gonna throw up. there is a burning sharp painful feeling in my lower pelvic area. like 2 inches from my belly button. its next to the incision but I'm wondering if it's a pulled muscle or if they burned me or cut me with the tools? I know they had a lot of blood to clean out and they did remove my left tube... Anyway, I'm hoping with all my heart I will be ok on my wedding day. I've been looking forward to this day for the last 7 years. It breaks my heart that I can't even pick my son up and put him in his crib. All though, I am very thankful that I am able to sit with him and read him a book :)

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by RandeeRatchet, Apr 11, 2012
Oh, also... I forgot to say... i think that removing the tube might be better? the reason being is that tube could have been damaged. If you took the medicine and then got pregnant again with a damaged tube you could have another ectopic pregnancy. I'm obviously not a dr so that is just an opinion. But from everything I've been reading I'm kind of glad the tube is gone. I dont' want to deal with this ever again and am hoping the other tube is a good one :)

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