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woke up!

Mar 10, 2012 - 1 comments

I believe most of my "symptoms" are due to the kidney infection.  Nowhere to go to get help for it until next week.  I guess it's just fake it until...I pass out?  LOL  Have TONS to do today. Cleaning up after renovations and doing major spring cleaning.  Gotta find that old hot pad and something to deal with the nausea from the infection.

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by HURTIN58, Mar 10, 2012
old nausea remedy...go to the pharm, as for coke syrup...may take a few dif pharms to find it, but ask the pharmacist. get a small glass w lots of ice...take a lil, maybe 3 tbspns and pour over the ice...sip slowly.......worse comes to worse, try the same thing w flat coca cola, but it must b flat.....good luck!

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