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PLEASE READ! constipation/narrow stools for 2years???

Mar 10, 2012 - 1 comments








so it started with stomach aches in novemebr 2009. i really wasnt big on fruits/vegetables or drinking a good amount of water. it went away but i started to feel constipated and had narrow stools from then on about 75%-80% of the time and sometimes i wouldnt go to the bathroom for 2 days. i didnt have any kind of stomach aches. and like 5 times i had diahhrea. in 2011 i went for a short time with pain in my tail bone whenever i would sit but it went away. and now in dec 2011 i noticed blood and went to the doc in janurary and got checked with a small scope and the doctor checedk with his finger and found no tears and said i might have internal hemmoroids. and to take fiber. i took fiber and worked wonders the first 2 weeks! but has not worked as of late. i have bled small light red blood 5-6 times since december. i went to a specialist in mid februrary and he said i have blood in my stool. and i should get a colonoscopy done i might have polyps/hemmroids and that i shouldnt be worried. but i started to have neck pain a week later and chest pain the week after the neck pain. the chect pain really hurt me the most especially when i take deep breathes in, i found also a lump in the middle of my chest where it hurts and feel like my heart hurts too. i went to my family doc friday and got my blood taken for testing and will get a call on monday for the results. i have been feeling sick, and tired but not fever sick. i have not thrown up in YEARS. or feel naseus just bloated. my questions are what MIGHT i have? WHY have i started bleeding JUST now? and if something is wrong with my stomach or,god forbid, have cancer will my blood show signs of it? thank you very much! im 18 btw, all started at age 16. thanks :D

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by Sas42, Aug 12, 2012
Hello, I am having similar problems. Have you found out anything?

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