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On the road again

Oct 19, 2008 - 0 comments

World of Warcraft







Spent my last $100 and went to the dr to get a refill of Celexa. She also said my blood pressure was so high I needed to get back on my HBP medication and that she wanted to double the mg's as well as add a diuretic to it. Ouch. I asked for Ambien again too. She gave me 5 refills of Celexa & Ambien! The doctor I normally saw wouldn't have done that. He's a PA and she's an MD, which makes me feel better. He's the reason I didnt have Celexa for 3 weeks and got so bad emotionally and physically that I quit my job. All he had to do was call in ONE refill of my Celexa, but no...he wanted me to come in so he could get his money. Yes, it had been awhile since I had been in but I'd been on the Celexa for months wasn't anything new.

So, I should be back on track emotionally within a week or two. Actually, as soon as I quit my job (that I really did not like)... mood lifted alittle LOL.

Off topic: anyone play World of Warcraft?

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