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*#)$%*@^)& and other expletives.. just a rant on Dr's

Mar 13, 2012 - 0 comments

Rant /

I went into my dr clinic today (regular dr on 3 week holiday go figure) to talk to one of the dr's about anything else that could be making me feel like I do. My last appointment my dr suggested that I may have some malabsorption or am eating too little fat in my daily diet which is causing my main problem- fatigue. I've been tested for this that and the other thing so I wanted to ask- what if parasites? Personally they're the only thing I can think of although the only "symptoms" I have are bloating, nausea, cramping and the loose bm easily caused by my gallbladder. She said that it's just not common in Australia, in fact she's never had a patient with parasites so it's incredibly unlikely. My thyroid tsh is at 2 and my free t4 is normal (14. something out of I think 9-16 range?); so it can't be my thyroid. Vitamin D, calcium, iron, fasting blood sugar all normal.    

Finally I had her look at the a print up of my thyroid tracker. It doesn't look pretty, I feel like crap. This is the whole point- I'm trying to convince my dr's it's not a one off feeling. But because I spent what must be hours and hours checking boxes every single day I have no life and am far too stressed about my health. This is what's causing my problems- Stress. Damn you stress, if it weren't  for you my gallbladder, thyroid, cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight would be normal. Yeah no, doesn't work like that. Just because I'm now spending 5 minutes a day to write down how I felt, doesn't mean that I'm feeling magically worse. So I told her, I've been feeling these general symptoms long before I started tracking them and have in fact had to struggle with most of these symptoms most of my life. She then acted like it's ok, because feeling like crap is normal for me? What logic is this?

So her official diagnosis- until I get my gallbladder out it's pointless to test for malabsorption. Why prove something that is already causing me trouble -even if god forbid it pushes me up on the freaking waiting list. T minus 6-9 months more of feeling like this, gee how lovely. And as far as the cramping and weird period I had, as long as it's just as one off I'm ok. It told her, I was in a 100% monogamous relationship had previous std checks before this and she still rambled on about how it is unlikely but if I have my problems again that is what I should be tested for because they can be asymptomatic. Well then apparently they can be picked up in the pool because that's the only way I'd could ever be exposed to it. I don't think she trusts my monogamous relationship.

As far as my fatigue and other symptoms I'm supposed to ignore it. It's apparent to her that I'm anxious and overly stressed about my health, which I shouldn't be at such a young age. Congratulations to everyone under the age of 60 THERE IS OFFICIALLY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! *Pounds head against desk* She suggested counseling- because if I'm tracking how I feel every day and counting my calories there must be something wrong with me (that isn't physical). Finally she said that well maybe just trying to go out get exercise- umm problem exercise makes me really tired, I walked a km and needed a 4 hour nap. "Oh well are you sleeping well at night." "Yeah I'm averaging a good 9 hours a night and I feel rested, I just don't have any energy." "Well if you're sleeping soundly you shouldn't be tired." .... Exactly.

Anyway I'm going to try to stop worrying, because she says the stress is causing my problems and I should take up "an exercise routine with friends, and maybe go out and do 'girly stuff'". I was seriously dumbfounded when she said that. I walk in there in a T shirt (bought from the Men's section), jeans, and joggers. I have no make up on, no jewelry, and my hair is not fancy. Can someone define this "girly stuff" that this dr suggests I do? Because it's been absent from my life for the past 24 years and it is the key to being stress free.

Ok /rant.

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