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Day 1

Mar 13, 2012 - 6 comments

Started Bms/ 7977 12 week trial without Ribavirin today. Lots of blood draws. Only perceptible side effect has been feeling a little light-headed a few hours after I took the meds. Happy to be on the trial.

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by tanya24, Mar 13, 2012
Glad to hear your doing well and on your way!! Wishing you UND and sending prayers your way!! Tanya

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by gonnabhepcfree, Mar 14, 2012
Congratulations..Happy for you to have started and be on your way to UND..

910090 tn?1332171060
by starshine1ca, Mar 14, 2012
Congratulations on being selected for the new trial!!  Wishing you great success and minimal side effects!  Be sure to keep us posted!  God  bless,  Anita

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by Hopinghepster, Mar 15, 2012
Thanks everyone for your good wishes and prayers. They are much appreciated. Had a great third day today. No side effects and lots of energy. Feeling very upbeat.

2035311 tn?1332683577
by Jimeeboy, Mar 15, 2012
Sound great brother!!!!!!  I'm joining the party tomorrow morning.  I'll check in during the day.

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by gonnabhepcfree, Mar 15, 2012
I also had the slight headache but only the first week when we were drawing everyday and I had to fast.  I had my 2nd month post treatment appt and was disappointed they didn't do any labs.  Next month.  I was under the impression the were going to be doing labs every month.  I was also talking to my study coordinator regarding the 12 wk versus 24 week for the 1 geno's and she said they also cleared in 2 weeks and under in the 24 week trial.  She also told me there is another trial starting sometime in April she thought with 7977 and one of Gileads other drugs.  All the trials are now all oral.  I am really excited for everyone on this trial and pray you will all have the same results as I have had so far...

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