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leaving on tuesday for a year..  (UPDATE)

Oct 19, 2008 - 19 comments








i leave for detox on tuesday for 14 days, then i'll go to a 28 day treatment facility, after that i get transported to a year long rehab where after six months i can go get a part-time job. part of me is off the chart excited to do this, the other little part is terrified! i've been going to NA meetings just to talk to a real life face who know what you're feeling and it's kept me sane.
anyway, bags are packed, responsibilities are taken care of, off i go.  talk to you in november of 2009.       -jessejames32 (today is my birthday, no more 31)

--thank you all who've kept me alive this last year, i hope i'm able to keep in touch while i'm away, but if not, take care of yourselves and i'll write the second i'm back (Nov. 2009)  luv you all..     -jessejames32

*** got a phone call at 4 o''clock this morning telling me the bed that was expected to be open for me today, (21st), wont be because the particular patient re-entered the detox program..  does that makes sense, if you've been detoxing for 14 days, why exactly would the facility allow you to detox again, essentially from nothing, knowing i'm chewing my fingernails down to the wrist? i'd think if this dude wanted to "re-enter", then he should have been put back on the bottom of the list. so now i just sit and wait for the phone call, while begging my doctor for more methadone because the original plan changed. (i'm sure she'll be alright about it, but it's getting a hold of her that'll be the problem).. anyway, you're all stuck with me for a little longer. when i know, i'll write a quickie good-bye..
-peace  --jessejames32

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590280 tn?1310087366
by eringobragh, Oct 19, 2008
omg i envy you! good luck and stay strong.,..all that matters will still be there when you get back. my thoughts and prayers are with you. wow im impressed!

340590 tn?1290952141
by cathy5841, Oct 19, 2008
so glad to hear you are gonna get the help you need to beat addiction.  i wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you back here clean and sober.

198747 tn?1222564556
by FlDiana, Oct 19, 2008
Good luck and my prayers are with you.  You are doing a great thing.  It might be hard to quit, but worth it.  New friends, and all.  

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Oct 20, 2008
                                                                The great thing
                                                                       in this word
                                                                 is not so much
                                                                      where we are,
                                                                 but in what direction
                                                                       we are moving.

                                                                                            ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

                                                                   I pray you have an easy detox and a wonderful recovery.
                                                                   Your true friend and brother in GOD and the Christ



577285 tn?1568600215
by Burrpatch, Oct 20, 2008
Hey. Jess I wish I got to know you better. I know Methadone and the terrible existence that it brings. You are very lucky indeed to have this opportunity of a literal lifetime !! I also know of the Butterfly's and slight anxiety that you must be going through and I would just like to say that those Butterfly's are about to take off in a way that you could not possibly imagine. I feel that you will be comfortable and safe in your new surroundings. You have the benefit of already surrendering and have the will to stop. Don't let any of the "Jack's" that you may meet, steer you away from the road that you have put yourself on. Rehab can be a fun and rich experience and down the road, when you look back, you will remember all the great folks you met and all the things that you learn will be with you forever. It is not something that you forget and I truly do envy you and the chance that you have been given. I wish you peace and the healing of your tormented spirit. Leave all your worry's and troubles behind, you don't need them where you are going !!
  Peace bro...and if I'm still around when ya get back, feel free to look me up.  ... BURR P.

Avatar universal
by Kande, Oct 20, 2008
                                             "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,
                                             "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
                                              plans to give you hope and a future."
                                              Jeremiah 29:11

606696 tn?1268737468
by tryinhard78, Oct 20, 2008
First of all Happy Belated Birthday. Congrats on taking this huge step in your recovery. I have been praying for you for a long time now. You were the very first person I talked to on this site. I hope that you are finally able to have the life that you deserve. Good Luck and congratulations on getting your life back. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Luv, Susie

374251 tn?1246235657
by jessejames31, Oct 21, 2008
**i've updated the original journal entry**


Avatar universal
by 10356, Oct 21, 2008
Man jessejames that is a drag. I cannot imagen how you felt after pumping up to leave today. I'm really sorry to hear about the delay.... Although a little more time with the family is the benefit.. I sure hope the wait will not be long and you can get this leg of your journey started.. I will be thinking of that phone call to come in with you.. I wish you well on getting hold of your Dr. I'm sure she will understand.. lesa

424675 tn?1260541350
by nuredshuz, Oct 21, 2008
Jesse, I just wanted to wish you well on your recovery journey~ Hopefully this little snag in your plans will prove to be of some benefit? God bless you and good luck! ~ peace

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Oct 22, 2008
                                        When the going gets tough,
                                            The Tough gets Going!!!

577285 tn?1568600215
by Burrpatch, Oct 23, 2008
Sorry to hear of the delay bro. That's the way these programs work sometimes. I am sure that there was good reason for the other patient to re-enter detox. There are a dozen reasons why. The important thing is that you stay focused. You have waited this long for a miracle in your life , so  hang in there bro. Also, don't beat yourself up about going back to the beast. It is always wise to enter detox while you are under the influence of your drug of choice. Most places recommend this as it gives them a starting point to start your treatment and ensures that there is no unnecessary suffering.  Also, there will be less anxiety for you during the transition. Lay back and let events transpire, they most certainly will !!  Good luck and God Bless... BURR P.

684658 tn?1239384954
by driftersgal, Dec 01, 2008
I'm a little bit late seeing this (I didn't join until mid-November), but try to remember things happen for a reason--which we don't always understand.  Hang in there--I wish you the very best!  

Avatar universal
by NautyOne, Dec 01, 2008
Dang it, Jessie.........that's not cool.  Don't take this wrong, but I want to see you gone and gettin your life back. Nice, so you will be detoxing on Christmas.......Oiy!.........I guess whatever it takes, and you are moving forward.....just a few weeks behind.

I am soo happy for you and so look forward to being here when you come back sober and a New Jessie......I can't wait ~~Luv


374251 tn?1246235657
by jessejames31, Dec 02, 2008
well this is it, two more days and then i'm gone..  thanks to all who've given me encouraging words and those who are proud. it means everything to me..  i will be very busy tomorrow getting everything in order, so todays good-bye.  i wish you all the very best and hope everyone gets well or stays well.  this site and it's members have saved me more times i can count, i thank you all for that.  i can't wait to come back clean and story tell..  thanks again friends, peace. -jesse

541953 tn?1262586226
by scaredmom330, Dec 02, 2008
I for one will miss you bunches! go get better and return next year and make us all jealous.. being clean. please stay in touch my friend. I wish you the best. take care


541953 tn?1262586226
by scaredmom330, Dec 02, 2008
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  sending lots of balloons and streamers and hugs your way. enjoy your birthday my friend.


699217 tn?1323438700
by micheleTX, Dec 02, 2008
I am new, so I don't know you, but I am a friend too I hope.  The very best of luck to you in rehab, just remember all your friends on here giving you prayers and hope too...hope to see you next year.  Can't get rid of me now lol..

700244 tn?1272650756
by trying2helpU, Dec 02, 2008
wow.  first off, happy bday!!  i think you've given yourself the best present your body/mind could ask for! i'm not a religious man but i will say a prayer for you.  i really hope i get to hear from you in November 2009.  i won't say good luck because YOU DON'T NEED IT (hopefully bad luck keeps his distance!!!!!).  hehe, wishing you all the best and a really speedy recovery.  take care and please keep in touch.

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