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Met the Pedia today.....

Mar 16, 2012 - 0 comments

I met with the pediatrician (recommended by my Obe) who will attend the birth today. She is both a pediatrician and a natural medicine (homeopathic) Dr. Her approach is very much in line with my beliefs. I gave her some family history and medical background for me. She then asked me to seriously consider no early vaccination before I had a chance to bring up the topic - and no vitamin K at birth (I told her I've been taking vit D and K supplement) and she is ok with this.

She practices delayed cord clamping, no routine suctioning of the newborn, skin-to-skin immediately and early breastfeeding..... This hospital doesn't even have a nursery for babies.... all babies are roomed in with their mothers, unless they need to be in the NICU. She said the baby won't be taken away from me unless there are complications that have to be addressed in NICU.... and all monitoring can be done while the baby is with me.

She has attended and is comfortable doing water birth. This is great news because although my Obe is willing to do a water birth with me she has never done one before and she will feel much more comfortable if the experienced pedia is also there.

Then I prebooked the birthing suite (open booking) and went up and had a look at the facilities. Met the attending nurse and gave her a copy of my birth plan! It is very nice. There's a receiving area with chairs and microwave and fridge, then there's the bedroom, then there's a bathroom with jaccuzi / birthing pool. My 3yo daughter can also be there.

Later I am going to go to the music store and buy some CDs that I can play during the birth / labor.

I am so relieved that I have now done all I can reasonably do to be prepared, and to have a good team in place. I am comfortable with everything. I know that things may not go to plan, but I also know that my team will be working with me and together we will have the best outcome possible.

I am now ready and getting excited! Come on baby Lauren. Your Mummy is ready for you to be born!

Agreed with my partner that her official name on the birth certificate will be Margaret Lauren. Margaret after my mother. But we will call her Lauren. My oldest daughter is named Michaela, after my father, who passed away before she was born.

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