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How I lost weight

Mar 16, 2012 - 0 comments

Weight Loss


Green smoothies






Sugar addiction

I lost 86 lbs. (for a total of over 100) in a year.  It took many changes... some were sudden, but most were made gradually over several months.  

I had to break my sugar addiction and improve my diet dramatically.  Among other changes, I turned to not-from-concentrate orange juice and superfood-charged green smoothies.  

First, I went through the house and gave away everything that contained processed food or that contained sweeteners or salt... catsup, pancake mix, the works.  If Adam and Eve were to look at it and not be able to say what it was I quit eating it (even ground up, otherwise healthy foods)... Whole foods (well, I mean, I did chop them), simply cooked.  

I then switched from other sugars (including honey) to raw agave and palm (coconut) sugar (other sugars make me CRAVE sweets).  I've never used artificial sweeteners.  I just never trusted them.  When I accidentally ingest aspertame it does terrible things to my bladder.  

When the sugar cravings hit (frequently) I drank a large glass of oj... as much and as often as I wanted.  (Lots of sugar, but no more than I'd been eating.)  I started mixing in a bit of water, then gradually more, until finally I was drinking only water. Turns out lots of times when I thought I was hungry I was actually thirsty.

Yes, I pee'd... a lot!  It was then that I learned to use herbal tea.  I read somewhere that the body better utilizes (and doesn't release as fast) liquid that contain nutrients it can use.  I researched and selected herbs that supported health issues I had, then daily made a large batch of very strong herbal tea.   At night I drank sleep-enhancing teas.  Strange, you'd think quantity-in-quantity-out, but it seemed to work.    

I grew up without vegetables and thus never liked them, but I forced myself to eat raw vegetables... turns out I LIKE them when they're not covered in sugar and salt.

At first I cut out salt (salt makes me CRAVE carbohydrates), but I got bad leg cramps and now use pink Himalayan salt.  

Also at first, I seriously reduced fats.  Since then I've realized that it's not the fats, it's which fats and that I not eat starches at the same time.  

All this pretty much eliminated eating out, so I always carried water to fill me up until I could get home. As for agave, it's expensive, so I discovered that if I drink my herb tea only just barely warm I don't mind no sweetener.

When I just had to have a snack I ate a couple of handfuls of plain, dry puffed brown rice.  I got to that gradually, too... first with milk and a little sugar, then without the sugar, then just dry.

Then I started making green smoothies (see - she invented them!). But I went a few steps farther... I  used herbal tea instead of water, and added freeze-dried green food powder (spirulina, algae, chlorella, seaweed, barley grass, wheat grass, etc.), Garden Of Life Raw Meal powder, anti-inflammatory spices and herbs, Concentrace drops, ACV, probiotic powder, raw garlic, and anything else I read might help my health issues (it changes all the time).  

They don't taste good, usually, as I add only enough fruit to be able to get them down.  In fact, at first it took desperation to force them in me (and I drank a couple of quarts a day)... but it was extreme ill health that got me started, not a desire for weight loss.  

Losing weight was just a side benefit!  One I liked.  So I got some good coupons from friends and bought two dressforms at a fabric store... one I could adjust to the size I was, one I could adjust to the size I used to be.  I put my best dress on the big one and dug out of storage my favorite dress from the skinnier me and put it, along with a nice photo of me at that size, on the little one.  Then I put both dressforms at the foot of my bed.  They were the last thing I saw every night and the first thing I saw every morning.  When I was tempted to cheat on my diet the image of that big butt helped more than I can say!  

For a year or more I ate almost exclusively raw produce with very little meat and dairy.  I've gone back to them because it seems to me that the hair of people who are strict vegetarians looks unhealthy. When I eat cooked foods I don't feel as well, though, and the signs of inflammation return very quickly (most notably a swollen tongue).

Not incidentally, I took myself off the numerous medications I was on... discovering in the process that most of them were needed only because they were treating side effects from other medications... A domino effect of treatment, side effect, treatment, etc. resulting in massive toxification.  I was being poisoned!  

In the year since then I've been able to do more with herbs and homeopathy than the initial medications that started my prescription cascade ever did.  Way more than that, my new Christian walk is doing so much to relieve the anxiety that is the base problem.  

Now that my health has improved somewhat, I've purchased a small rebounder/trampoline in hopes of doing for exercise what I did with diet.  I just bounce gently, taking advantage of both the muscle mobilization and the lymph recirculation benefits.  I could only do two minutes, at first, as I quickly got dizzy.  I'm up to ten minutes now, with a long way to go.  

Keeping the weight off, I find, requires every bit as much dedication as losing it did.  It's harder, even.  Once I had to change my diet so I wouldn't lose any more weight I started allowing myself to indulge in things like holiday sweets... And the weight just jumps right back on!  Until something shows me otherwise I'm figuring that I'll be watching what I eat for the rest of my life.  

Quick description of my current diet: Little to no grains, limited sugar (mostly fruits, a little agave and palm sugar, veges, meats, a few root veges, some winter squash, lots of free range eggs, about to add water kefir, lots of herbal teas, very little caffeine, little or no seed or grain oils, not as much dairy as I'd like because raw is unavailable to me but some cheese and milk kefir, daily green smoothies laced with green powder (spirulina, algae, chlorella, etc.), garlic, ginger, anti-inflammatory spices, and chia seeds, some nuts, and puffed brown rice for a munchy. Everything is the cheapest I can buy (I'm big time broke). I do cheat, but as a rule I'm careful.

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