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Will They Just Stop?

Mar 17, 2012 - 0 comments










I can't stand my boyfriends family. They just make me so mad, how can your own family not be supportive or understanding or even helpful at all. Instead they just are making life harder and our problems worse. All they do is come over and talk smack or call and talk smack. I can't even look at them anymore without getting frustrated- how dare they even show their faces at our house after what they've done and what they're doing to us and our family? We were trying to figure out the funeral details for my boyfriends deceased grandfather. When his freakin family had to butt in like they're in charge and then actually tell the people that they are in charge. So then they freakin decided to take his body to an EXPENSIVE funeral home that we CANNOT afford. When originally my boyfriends grandma wanted to take his grandfather somewhere else where its cheaper. But no, what does his family do? They take him to a place that we CLEARLY cant afford and then try and push the bills on US. Like wtf??? THEY"RE the ones who wanted to be in change of everything THEY wanted the responsibility so they should pay for the bills that part of being responsible. They're being a bunch of a*******s. To make matters worse apparently we have no say over whether or not we can cremate his grandpa or bury him because my boyfriends grandma wasn't married to his grandfather so the decision is his kins decision to make according to the law. Which is complete BS because his "kin" wouldnt even come down from California to Washington to see her own dad before he died. We called her and told her that her father was going to die and all she was acknowledge the fact that he was dying and say that oh she couldnt afford it. Pssh whatever thats your FATHER you cant sell some stuff or take out a loan or ask a friend for help???? And THIS is the person that is going to be able to make the decision of whether or not hes cremated or  not. And the fun part is that we cant make the decision but we get to pay the bill????? WTH. The daughter who doesnt give a rats a** gets to say whats done but doesnt have to pay for it. If she decides hes to be buried thats DOUBLE the money that we even have. We CANNOT afford that. Thats why we wanted to cremate him but since his grandpa and grandma werent married we dont have a say in it. Which is SO stupid his grandma was with him for TWENTY years and in those years took care of him through lung cancer, pancreactic cancer and other health problems. Which is also why I cant STAND his family trying to come in and be bossy. They havent visited him AT ALL or helped take care of him. And they SURE as hell werent here when he was dying and we were staying up all night because his grandpa was stubborn and wouldnt tell anybody if he needed help and we didnt want him to fall cause he was too weak to walk. They werent here watching him slowly die. They werent there when we had to go to the hospital all hours of the night to the early morning with him. But now they conveniently step in and take over then on top of that try and pass the bills on US. WTF? I just cant stand it. It frustrates me so much my head literally hurts. I just want this to end and be over with I dont want to deal with his family anymore.

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