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Mar 17, 2012 - 11 comments

Last week I got a call from a friend whom had been TTC via IUI and IVF. I was amazed when I heard the words "I'M PREGNANT". I said to her ,I didn't realize you were doing another IVF cycle.  MY friend stated no, I took geritol and now I am pregnant. Then, just the other day, I was speaking w/ my aunt about my EUROPEAN NIGHTMARE. My aunt stated “take you some geritol so the baby can stay in there". Now, my aunt is from the south and has always been the mother of home remedies. After hearing all this talk about GERITOL, I googled the topic and wow did I find a ton of success stories w/ the use of geritol. I've already ordered my GERITOL COMPLETE tabs and will be picking up a bottle of folic acid today. I will discontinue the prenatal vitamin to decrease any chance of vitamin A overdose. I guess I've been in the dark about geritol. When I was a little girl I would always ask my grandmother “what are those red pills for". My grandmother would reply, “these are for old ladies you don't need this". In my mind, I've always associated GERITOL with "old ladies" LOL.  BTW, my grandmother lived to be 90!!!!

Well, I am looking forward to my FET on 4/18. I am so praying GERITOL will bring me our bundle of joy.


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by Kricket212, Mar 17, 2012
Please make sure you check wit your Dr.  So many of these drugs on the market contain ingredients we dont know about & could counteract what ever it is you would take for your  FET cycle or any other cycle.  I am wishing you lots of luck

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by sunflowerhoney, Mar 17, 2012
I take a GEITOL complete every day.  I mix it with my prenatal vitamin every morning in a protein shake.  My RE said I don't need it because I'm taking prenatal vitamins, but he also said there was no harm in taking it either.  

And besides that in IVF age, I am an old lady....

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by Roborshunice, Mar 17, 2012
Geritol complete is just a multivitamin my whole ivf cycle I took them every morning and prenatal hit. Every evening

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by Roborshunice, Mar 17, 2012
Prenatal git. Every evening

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by yoha919, Mar 17, 2012
good luck on the pills! love i hope they work for you. xoxo

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by retta483, Mar 17, 2012
I have heard of that helping  with concieveing . Hope it works for you xx

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by TAGLAS, Mar 18, 2012
Thanks for the well wishes ladies. Apparently Geritol increases the quality of a female’s cervical mucus and increase the chances of pregnancy.  As some of you may know, our infertility issue is r/t DH LOW SPERM count and POOR MOTILITY. I am currently scheduled for an FET and praying all goes well. I think I may just have DH start taking some GERITOL just in case the stork does not deliver. You never know.............


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by butterflybabies, Mar 18, 2012
Good luck sweety!! 4/18 will be here before you know it!

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by Helen72, Mar 18, 2012
I hope your next cycle brings you a bfp!

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by Roborshunice, Mar 18, 2012
Yes both of you'll should take it :)

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by Roborshunice, Mar 18, 2012
Mines was also the male factor along with polyps'!'

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