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had my first appointment yesterday

Mar 18, 2012 - 1 comments

First Appointment


I can Do Anything!


This is MY Battle


to WIN!


Hepatitus C


HEP C is not in control I AM!!

Scared to death Of losing my hair. Its over 3' long.  I can't lose or cut it! OMG!!!!
the rest is very sad so me but, I know if it can be done I can di it. Thanks to the wonderful people in my AA, NA, on here, and a couple ppl I have I'm my life that will be here for me. If I were alone I might make it only because the doctors would be expecting to see me back. And I'm going to need my medicines for treatment!

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by Grandmajane420, Mar 18, 2012
Slow down....One day at a time, some things will happen to you others won't. Last time I lost some hair but not too bad, this time I haven't lost a hair so far. You came to the right place for support, friendship and info.

Good luck to you!


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